Saturday, May 30, 2009

Late May and Flowers are in Bloom!

This was not supposed to be an overly pleasant day. So to our surprise, the clouds cleared and we had a chance to get gardening work done and even put our air conditioners in.

Our Rhododendrons are in full bloom. Our irises are too. If I feel like it, I'll take some pictures and upload them later. (no promises)

We have two main types of tall bearded irises, both fragrant - a light and dark purple kind, and a type that was described to us as a "Kool Aid Iris". It is light purple and smells just like grape Kool-Aid. It was supposed to be a rebloomer but, in the 14 or so years we've had it, it has never rebloomed.

Some bearded irises we had bought at an iris show a couple of years ago are blooming. They are shorter. One is white and is heavily fragrant. A couple are yellow.

My mother in law had overbought for her flower beds and we ended up with some "bonus" dark purple petunias and French marigolds which I may put into a planter.

Our weedwacker isn't operational right now so I took a good old fashioned clipper and clipped grass around our beds. Ouch.

Meanwhile, some volunteer tomatoes have come up in our pansy bed and we will try to transplant them into our community garden. Three backordered pepper plants came in the mail yesterday, so we now have all of our vegetable plants. We ordered several varieties of eggplants and these are in an Earthbox on our back patio.

Meanwhile, the cardamon plant I bought in April up in Ithaca has settled in well at my office. It truly is a low light plant. The miniature impatien I also brought to work had stopped blooming for a while but it is putting out new tiny flowers.

By the way, if you have never heard of the Earthbox, check it out. This is our second year. We have very little room at our house for gardening, and this box enabled us to grow peppers and lettuce last year. This year we are going to see what it can do for heirloom eggplants.

Well, my break is over; time to get out again.

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