Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is it Worth Making Friends of the Young?

Looks like I made the right decision not to try to friend my younger relatives/children of friends on Facebook.  (Unless I am invited to, of course, which so far I have not been.)

This site was worth being up in the middle of the night.  And this commentary on that website got my intellectual curiosity up.  After all, I was an anthropology major.  Now this, I can sink my teeth into.
Why?  Because let's face it, there has been and always will be a generational divide.   So flashback time again....

I can remember years ago being invited to spend the week at an aunt's house when I was a teenager.  This aunt was the older sister of one of my parents...shall we say a much older sister as my Mom was the 3rd youngest of a very large family.  So we were talking a wide generational gap here.  Her kids were grown so it was just me, her and her husband.  Overall I had a good time but every once in a while there was a moment of "OMG, why am I here."  Nothing horrible, nothing I don't indulge in now and then (like sometimes overdiscussing health problems) being the age that aunt was now, but back then it was moments of pure embarrassment.  I can still remember a couple of those moments. (Along with some very good memories, by the way.)

We think as teens we will never make those mistakes with our kids but of course we grow up and we do.

Now, thanks to technology, we 50 plussers can embarrass our younger loved ones in public and to the whole world.  Or at least to the younger one's 275 Facebook friends.  And now we know where they get their revenge.  Forewarned is....

So, is it worth friending the young?

If I was invited to friend any of my real life friends' grown children (or my son, for that matter) I would do it in a heartbeat.  There is a realization at my age that one day I am going to get old, and my older friends one day...might pass on to whereever we all go before I join them.  And then in the meantime, if I don't have any younger friends....then what?

So...I'll wait and see.  But I won't make the first move.  At least for now.  Stay tuned.

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