Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Baby Boomer Icon Passes -Soupy Sales

I've been coping with my back/sciatic nerve problems, but have bought a new chair for home use.  It got assembled yesterday, so I hope to be able to sit and post more often.  And, I'm even thinking of starting a second blog.

Right now I don't have much time so I will comment briefly on the death of another "baby boomer icon".  I have missed a number of these but as I've said, I don't want to turn this into a celebrity obituary blog.

Soupy Sales.

Died in the Bronx, too.  Something I doubt I will do.

The interesting thing about Soupy Sales is that he didn't do a lot of the things we remember him for.  Like the "what starts with an F and ends in..." (OK this is a family blog so I'm not writing the rest. But, if you are of a certain age, you know the joke.  And if you are my son's age, you are wondering what the fuss was about.) The answer, of course is "Firetruck".  But Soupy didn't say it, not according to Snopes.

Nor did he broadcast the joke about the creamed banana, or White Fang and the alphabet, or kissing a girl up in a tree.

But he did do the "little green pieces of paper" gag.  As in, asking kids to get those pieces of green paper from their parents' wallets and send them in.

Soupy, I am smiling just thinking of all those jokes you never made.

You made my day today.  Thank you.

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