Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Washington DC-Winner of the Golden Snowball Award?

I have a person in the Syracuse area who collaborates with me on various work projects.  As many of you know. Syracuse is one of the snowier cities in Upstate NY.  Syracuse and various other upstate cities (including Binghamton) compete yearly in something called the Golden Snowball Award.

I blogged about this several months ago - Binghamton rarely wins this battle of the most snowfall- however, we may have a winner this year that we never dreamed of.  They would have to be honorary, not being located in NY State.  Still, they are in the Northeast. (I'm not counting places in the west that get way more snow.)  Drum roll please....

Washington, DC?

Right now, according to my work-acquaintance, Syracuse leads the District of Columbia 73 inches to 63 inches.  However, with this next storm, DC may surpass Syracuse.  Heck, they've already surpassed us-we only have a bit over 44 inches of snow so far this winter. 

This is a nice Maryland based weather blog with more details.

Yeah, Syrac....I mean, Washington DC.  Go snow!

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