Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost Time for Midnight Sun Baseball

You haven't heard me lately on my obsession with the midnight sun.

That's about to change.

For a while, Farmville made me forget my childhood obsession with the midnight sun.  Fear not, I have regained my senses.

Once again I visit the Fairbanks webcam at the University of Alaska to check the progress of the midnight sun  They are up to 21 hours and 42 minutes of daylight.  Today, at 2am (their time) it was quite light.

It still gives me chills to see that.

So, that reminds me that it is almost time for the Fairbanks Goldpanners Midnight Sun game.  Do you know what reminded me?  Well, last year we had gone to a Fathers Day old timers game in Cooperstown because I had to see Bob Feller pitch.   They were interviewing Bob Feller at the NY Mets game tonight.  So that reminded me of seeing Bill (Spaceman) Lee at that same Cooperstown game....and Bill Lee used to play for the Goldpanners.  That's how my thought process works, folks.

Who else played for the Goldpanners?  Dave Winfield, Tom Seaver, Graig Nettles and many, many other Major League ball players.

Just think.  I could see future major leaguers and the midnight sun, all at the same time.  What a bargain.

Perhaps I should add it to my "bucket list".

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