Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here we Go Round Again (CFJ Park)

Here we go round again, on the merry-go-round called Johnson City dissolution.

Just when I mentioned it yesterday, in connection with our new Wal-Mart.  The vote failed last November and Johnson City remained a village.  But, as a famous governor once said in a movie role, "I'll be back!"  Little did I dream it would be the day after I mentioned it.

Isn't it ironic that the Wal-Mart is across the road from a park with a merry go round?  And, a broken down old factory building.  And, the relatively new Gannett regional newspaper press building.  The old and the new, combined.  The park's name is CFJ park which was named for C. Fred.....Johnson.

So we go around and around, trying to find the ring, or the key, if you will, to the future of this area.

Speaking of that park, a lot of people are going to see it now that they are traveling to our new Wal-Mart. (I finally made it to the new Wal-Mart today:  nice.) If they do, I hope they stop and look at one of the six carousels this area is blessed with.  There is major renovation going on, so you can't ride right now.  But once it is done:  Ride if you want.  It's free!

Here are some wonderful photos of the carousel.

There is another wonderful, quirky building at CFJ Park called "The Pagoda".  One day I may write about it.

But for may be time to rehash the dissolution controversy all over again.

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