Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's Fourth of July

For us in the Triple Cities of upstate NY, it is hot, and somewhat quiet.  We took a short walk, did some food shopping, picked up something at the pet store, watered our community garden, came home.  Tonight we will be going to a B-Met game.  Right now spouse is doing the BBQ thing while I blog.  Son and his friend (the one I blogged about a couple of weeks ago) are listening to music-too hot to work on cars.

Thank you, those who have gone before us, for making this day possible.

But before the friend came, my son and I had some interesting conversation.

It started when I mentioned our local paper had published the Declaration of Independence.  Good for them.  It should be required reading for us.  It merits more than a one time a year glance.

My son started asking questions about when the Revolutionary War ended (and why it took so long for the Treaty of Paris to be signed) and ended up asking about how people dressed in those times, and about powdered wigs.

Son ended up doing some research on powdered wigs.  The story behind them is quite interesting.  I invite you to read about it.  You'll never think about our Founding Fathers in the same way again!

Happy 4th.

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