Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Garlic of Hope

Another sign that the American Civic Association is returning to normal, whatever normal can be, after the horrible day of April 3, 2009 when life for the families of the 14 dead (including the murderer of 13 innocents) changed forever.

A couple of weeks ago a banner was strung across Court Street, announcing the return of the Multi-Ethnic Garlic Festival this weekend.  A yearly event, it was cancelled last August due to the shootings.

We've gone to this festival several times.  A lot of fun, you get to sample various garlics and garlic products.  Spouse fell in love with one particular garlic variety called Music.  He plans to buy some at the festival.

My walking companion said to me "how can you go back into that building after what happened?"  We never spent much time in the building-the garlic vendors were outside, although inside the building you could get various cooked and raw garlic delicacies, including ice cream.

I don't know how they would handle it but I wouldn't be surprised if the building is closed to the public.  As for me-yes, I think it would be spooky and sad. If I went inside, I might just break into tears, feeling the vibes of the dead. After all, I do know someone whose church friend was the woman who switched places with another teacher so she could get away for her wedding anniversary-and her friend died.  But we will see.  In a way, if they have the building open, I should go in. And not just as a curiosity seeker.

In the meantime, we are so happy the festival is resuming.  Indeed this is the garlic of hope, a hope of healing.

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