Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Save the Pelham Parkway Trees!

This article won't mean a lot to you if you didn't grow up, or ever live in, the Bronx.  But everyone who cares about urban quality of life should care.

I had an aunt, growing up in the Bronx, who lived close to Pelham Parkway-as did my grandmother until she was put into a nursing home when I was 7.  I have fond memories of some of those trees that NYC is getting ready to chop down for-yes, for what?

They aren't diseased.  From what I understand, the City, in its improvement wisdom, wants to install a guardrail to protect pedestrians.  From what I also understand, it isn't necessary to chop the trees down.  The sole purpose is only to make life easier for the contractor.

New York City values its green spaces.  I agree with a writer that if Pelham Parkway was in certain other neighborhoods (especially high visibility Manhattan neighborhoods) every celebrity in 30 miles would be on the case.  But here in the Bronx....well, no.

Wouldn't it be nice if people who grew up in the Bronx or who once lived in the Bronx-oh, let's say Billy Joel, or Regis Philbin (hey, they nearly named a Bronx street after him), Woody Allen, KRS One (OK, he's a Brooklyn native, but what about it?), Al Pacino, or Elliot Spitzer all got together....could you imagine?

What about it, famous ex-Bronxites and current Bronxites?  What about it?  The residents care.  All former Bronxites should care, too.  There is an online petition - I do not tend to sign these - I really don't think they matter, but I provide the link.  I just may sign it.  Would you consider it, too?  (after you sign the petition you are asked to give to IPetitions, but this is purely optional.)

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