Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RIP Panchos Pit

Just a small of the long time restaurants in Johnson City, Panchos Pit, has closed.  Their contents were auctioned off yesterday.

Spouse and I have never eaten there.  But a relative ate there a lot over the years, both when he lived in Johnson City, and after.  Apparently there had been several owners and the most recent one wanted to retire - and couldn't find a buyer.  From what I've heard, it was no great loss - what had been an "institution" in Johnson City had become a restaurant featuring bad service and not so good food.  When my relative ate there, they weren't any gourmet eatery, but featured good, cheap food.

This is the second business this strip mall on Riverside Drive lost in recent months.  A long time local butcher business, Ralph's Meats, closed earlier this year.

It's a sad day when a small village loses long time businesses.

And meanwhile, the NYPENN Trade Center, which I've blogged about before, continues to teeter on the edge of closing forever.

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