Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dangerous Bargain Penguins

She was standing there by the end of an aisle, on her crutches.

There but for the grace of the timing of me hurting my ankle, that could have been me.

I had to admire her courage, braving the Penguin booksale earlier this year.  There were hundreds and hundreds of bargain hunters in the warehouse, intent on getting books for themselves, gifts for the holidays, books for libraries or daycares or homeschools, or day care centers. Or, for all I know, sale on eBay.  (It wouldn't surprise me.)

Over the years, a new element has entered the fray.  Wheeled suitcases.  Seemingly every one of them loaded with books.  At one point I tripped on a wheeled suitcase (hadn't seen it, in the crowd) and went flying.  Luckily I had my air cast on and I didn't resprain my ankle.

One thing I do have to mention is that people actually are somewhat polite, as hordes of bargain hunters go, at this annual sale.  There's no shoving, and people (usually) apologize.  But I really think they should ban the suitcases, at least the small ones that aren't easily visible in the fray.  I wonder how many people, over this week, actually did get injured.

And I hope that lady got out of the warehouse OK.

Would I have gone to this sale if I was still hobbling around on crutches?  Since I had a companion, possibly.  Which shows you how crazy people can be when it comes to a bargain.

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