Monday, December 6, 2010

My Annual "Why do I live here" Lament

Winter.  It's here.  Not on the calendar yet, but snow coats the sidewalk.  Even the snowglobe effect of snow twirling in the air can't defrost my heart. Winter.  I hate it.  I am grateful, though, that I don't live in Syracuse.  Several of my co workers do.  As of early afternoon they had over 13 inches of snow on the ground.  Yes, it could be worse.

Blowing, shivery winds make me doubt my sanity for ever moving from Florida in the mid 1970's.  Were the palmetto bugs ever that bad?  Or the hot humid summers?  Shouldn't I have stayed? Why didn't I chose somewhere with less snow?  Less gloom?  More sunny winter days?

My snowbird neighbors have finally left for the great South.  Maybe they secretly laugh at us, we who stay up here.

Winter. For the rest of this month, Christmas lights light up the night, and pointsettias brighten our homes.  But soon the cookies and eggnog will disappear and the lights will come down, leaving us only with the pointless short winter days.

Perhaps it is time for me to direct my thoughts, northward, towards Fairbanks.  It is dark there right now and 12 below zero.  This morning their low was 23 below.  They are down to 4 hours and 18 minutes of daylight.

Winter and upstate NY.  Why did I ever move here? 

But then I open the refrigerator and spy the half-full jug of local Purity Eggnog, the best eggnog on earth.  I eat the local apples still crisp from the fall harvest.  I think of the local goat cheese waiting to be cut and eaten.  I remember what is good about upstate NY.

But I still hate winter.

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