Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crispy, Crunchy Downtown Binghamton Suffers Another Fire

In case you are wondering why I have a "Wordcount Blogathon 2011" badge on my site, all will be revealed later today....

Two blog posts in one day! (I'll try to remember that later this month when I am dragging myself through a Sahara of lack of inspiration.)  I did that yesterday and hope to do that today.  Not that I'm bragging because I know later this month I will be dragging myself through the hot, sandy desert of lack of inspiration. But in the meantime....

I couldn't resist talking about the second fire in five months in downtown Binghamton, which hit just in time for the lunchtime crowd yesterday.  (this fire was not very far from the buildings in these pictures).

I found out about it when my walking partner and I walked down Court Street (the main street of downtown Binghamton) around 11:45 today, first smelling smoke and then seeing various bystanders and a number of firetrucks.  The smell of smoke hung over the air.  Police diverted traffic as office workers and other residents watched.

Downtown Binghamton has already suffered enough from the first fire.  The historic Press Building and Midtown Mall buildings are being fixed, but it is going to be a long process - especially for the Press Building.  A major downtown street has been blocked off ever since the December fire.

This site has a news video which gives you a good look at some of the historic buildings of downtown Binghamton.

Some whispers of arson....or at least of mystery.  Only time will tell.  They've never identified the full cause of the first fire.  Wonder how they will do on this one.

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