Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Walk , a Tweet and Some Irises

June 4 is a very busy weekend day in this area.  There are a number of festivals going on, and you don't know which way to turn.

So what I did instead is take some pictures, walk in an autism walk, post some photos to my Facebook account and sign up for Twitter.  Sometimes the Internet can be such a drain on time.  But I hope today's activity was worth it.

Yes, I did it, no thanks to new blogging friends from the Blogathon.  I am on Twitter, under the name of RamblinGarden.  You are welcome to follow me.  Please bear with me while I get my "Twitter Legs" because some of my first posts may be a bit on the inane side.

As for the pictures, apparently, Firefox 4 is not playing well with Blogger.  For a while, I couldn't get into my account at all and had to use Internet Explorer.  Now, I can get into my account, but I can't upload photos if I am using Firefox.  Something tells me I am going to leave Blogger if too much more of this stuff happens.  Life is too short.  (end of whine).

This first photo is of a bearded iris I know only as the "Kool Aid iris".  The tubers were given to me by someone I used to work with.  I wish blogs had smell-o-blogpost, because this post would have the delicious scent of grape Kool-Aid.
I was told this is a rebloomer, but this has never rebloomed.  For that matter, no rebloomer I've ever planted has rebloomed.  Either the climate isn't right or the plants don't like me.  (and yes, I do think plants can like or dislike their caretakers.  More on that another time.)

This is another purple bearded iris.  We lost some of the blooms to the hailstorm last week but some of the buds survived.  This iris also has a scent.

Finally,  here is a yellow iris I bought at a local iris show.  Of course, I have no idea what it is called.  I end up not remembering half of what I planted, which isn't good for someone aspiring to perhaps turn this into a gardening blog.

We have a white iris also but its buds rotted away during our Rain Festival.

As for the walk, it was the second annual Greater Binghamton Walk for Autism.  I was very glad to run into someone I hadn't seen for years, although I've had some communication with her on Facebook.  And then, when we went food shopping afterwards, I ran into someone else I had not seen in years.

As today would have been my mother's 93rd birthday, the day was a bit bittersweet.  But, after a gloomy drizzly start to the day, the sun ended up coming out. 

Tomorrow (maybe)....rhododendrons.


  1. Love the term Kool Aid Iris. Nothing evokes childhood memories for me quite like Kool Aid! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photographs. How long do iris live? I had some in my garden but I didn't take care of them and now they're gone.

  3. Jan, we bought our house in 1987 and that is when I got the Kool Aid irises. The bi-color irises were another gift, around 1992. In our area of upstate NY, irises will live for many years but must be divided periodically.


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