Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mystery Grape Plant- I Need Your Help

Back in July, I blogged about a mystery grape like plant in my back yard. It was growing in a shady spot.  I had not noticed it when it had bloomed, only when the cluster of - whatever it was - was developing.

Every since then, I tracked it.  On August 10 I mentioned I would write about it (perhaps) the following week.  I took a picture soon after, showing the seeds were maturing.  They certainly were not grapes.  The maple seed to the left of the seed cluster gives you a point of reference in seeing how big this is.

Now we are here at the "following week" and I went out to the back yard to find -

that the seeds had fallen to the ground.

What an anti-climax.

I picked some of the seed pods off the ground.  I opened one up.  It is hard, and green inside.  I don't know if I will keep the pods or just throw them away.

I suppose I could go to the Cornell extension for help but that wouldn't be fun.

I went to the Internet.  I can't find this plant even after an hour of searching and reading some booklets, including one on wild vines of Iowa. (Yes, this isn't Iowa but some of our plants are similar).

So now, I really need to appeal to my readers.

Any guesses?

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