Saturday, August 27, 2011

Uncertainty in the Coming of Irene

Right now it sounds like the weather is going to be deteriorating faster for us than was first forecast. We are not in the hurricane zone itself but are under a flood watch, and the rain is going to be here tonight.  The good news is that my mother in law, and brother in law with autism who live in a suburb of NYC are being brought up here by my sister in law.  They will be staying with another relative locally. 

Now let's hope we don't lose power.

Ironically, Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be beautiful.

And, I have a cousin in law driving on I-95 right now from Rhode Island to NJ, so I hope she stays safe.

To all my readers in the hurricane zone, be safe.


  1. Thank you! We're in Boston and won't probably have it as bad as NY but we're still preparing just in case.

  2. Hope Irene calms down before she comes your way. My parents and sister are in the thick of it. Scary.

  3. Ladymoxie and Tia, thank you for your good thoughts. My in laws made it up here safely, my cousin in law got to Edison, NJ without incident (although she won't be flying back home to New Mexico tomorrow as scheduled!) and the rain is about an hour away.


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