Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adventures in Spam

Sometimes depending on my mood, I just plain enjoy spam-email spam, that is.  If it is safely caught in my spam folder, that is.  I use a "junk" mail free address for anything where I have a suspicion spammers will get hold of it.  So, I check in there every several days just in case something legit is in the spam folder. 

So, shall we check into today's spam folder catch?

Let's see.  Amazingly, no "male enhancement" type emails.  Since I'm not a male, I have no idea why spammers, for years, have thought I'm a "he".  Or, the invitations to join Facebook, but the "a" is a different vowel and the "e" is a "k".

6 spams hawking Swiss replica watches.
1 spam specifically hawking Rolexes.
(must be holiday time).

Someone wants me to "Escape to Cancun!"  In another month, I may want to.....

Still another email implores me to "Burn Away Fats!"

There's an invite for me to join a senior dating community.  OK, my age may contain a "6" (and I don't mean the second digit)  soon, but I am not ready for Seniorhood.

And, last but not least: There's a  "Money Transfer Notice" beginning "Dear Beneficiary".  That's so 1996!  Better try harder!

But, what I am NOT enjoying is blogging spam.  I'm not hit that hard by commenting spam - knock on wood, Blogger right now is doing a pretty good job on the obvious ones.  For less obvious ones, this blog post has a collection that will bring tears to your eyes if you don't blog, and knowing nods if you do. I don't seem to get too much of that, either, but I may have accidentally deleted a genuine comment or two that seemed to be that kind of spam.  If one of those was your comment, I apologize.

But even worse is a relatively recent development - referrer spam.

I never click on links in my stats - and you shouldn't either.  Ever.

This type of spam isn't funny at all.

Are you having problems with referrer spam?  Or have any email spams that have tickled your funnybone?

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