Friday, January 13, 2012

Suddenly Winter! Garden Dream Time

After a wonderful almost snow free November, December, and first 12 days of January....winter has arrived here on the edge of the snowbelt in the Binghamton, New York area.

Blame it on Friday the 13th?

It arrived with a bang of high winds.  In a matter of minutes, pouring down rain turned into a snowglobe effect, with huge snowflakes swirling through the air although it was still 39 degrees F outside.

Fortunately, it was still above freezing when I left for work.

Right now it is 24 degrees F (colder at our airport, where temperatures are taken).  But we have a secondary cold front coming through tomorrow.  By tomorrow night it is supposed to be down in the single digits. (On the Farenheit scale we use in the U.S., single digits are brrrrrr as the freezing point is 32 above zero.)

So I am counting the days to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when I can virtually visit gardens in places where it is actually - summer!

Until then, as the snow starts to accumulate, I will live in my garden catalogs and dream.

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  1. Can you believe that we had snow on 14 January in Upstate NY?


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