Monday, September 10, 2012

Sing a Song

A year ago, where we stood was covered with water and flood mud.
Yesterday, it was covered with dancing crowds.  The mayor (the man on stage in the white shirt and khaki pants) of Binghamton, Matt Ryan,  even sang and played the harmonica.

Yesterday was "Blues on the Bridge", the annual Binghamton, New York outdoor music party. Started by one man 11 years ago, it has grown into a much loved event held the Sunday closest to September 11 except if delayed by rain (or flood.) This event is no longer held on the bridge in question, which is closed to all but pedestrian traffic due to safety issues.  But at one time it was held on this bridge.  This bridge, the Washington Street Bridge, was built in 1886 and is a lenticular truss bridge.
The bridge is one of our historical treasures, and spans the Susquehanna River near its confluence with the Chenango River. 

Near the downtown entrance to the bridge stands a monument to the Spanish-American War.

 On another nearby bridge, which carries Riverside Drive into downtown Binghamton across the Chenango (and is closed to traffic for this event) tents with vendors line up. 

And then there is the music.I tried to upload a short video I took, but it must have given Blogger indigestion.  So, instead, I offer a video from the 2011 Blues, which went on (a bit delayed due to the flood cleanup and the electricity still not being restored) last September.

Although the original festivals were mainly blues, there is now quite a variety of music: blues, rock, Americana and even bagpipes.)

Once again, thank you to the organizers of this festival, who help us forget our troubles for a few short hours each year.

I want to leave you with one more picture of the festival.

I already can't wait until next year!

Does your area have a music festival that brings residents together?

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  1. We have the Roots and Rhythm festival here in Honesdale, Pennsylvania in June every year, which fills the whole town park with local residents and plenty of visitors. There are vendors and fun activities for the kids as well.


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