Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Fancies- The Transition

Fall can be amazing.  New York City got snow before we did.  We got more wind in the early morning of November 13 than from our close brush with Hurricane Sandy. On November 11, we hit a record high.  On November 13 we woke up with snow and slush on the ground.

Here are the last few pictures of fall foliage I will most probably be taking this year here in upstate NY.  The winter weather will come before we know it.  These were actually taken at the end of October but both plants in the first picture were still blooming this past weekend - just not as profusely.  I was planning to post these, but then Sandy intervened.
A late white aster blooms side by side with some late goldenrod.  You usually don't see wildflowers here in the Binghamton area at this time of year, at least not quite like this.  A few feet away, purple asters were still blooming.
Further down on this walking trail was a tree that still had yellow leaves on it.

And finally, again from October, a picture taken on the West Side of Binghamton - I loved the shades of color in this changing tree.

Farewell, fall.  Hello, (soon), winter.


  1. Beautiful pictures. We spent the entire month of October watching the fall leaves NE Georgia--a first for this FL girl. What a beautiful display of color.
    Thanks for sharing your fall view from upstate NY. My husband is from Buffalo/Rochester, so he grew up with the weather you've described, excepting Sandy, of course.
    Glad you made it through the storm.

  2. Love fall colors. Subdued or brilliant. They are a reminder of what to look forward to in spring!

  3. Lovely colours! We're seeing similar sights here in France. It'll soon be winter.....


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