Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 2012

Thank you once again to May Dreams Gardens, who sponsors this monthly meme.  On the 15th of every month gardeners from all over the world gather to post what is blooming in their yards.

I almost didn't make it this month.  I am having computer issues and right now am using a laptop with a broken hinge to post this, because for some reason the keyboard on my 2 month old computer has decided not to work. 

But enough of my woes.  In my zone 5 upstate NY garden, we've already had a covering of snow, but we still have a few hardy plants blooming.

But before I share those, I'd like to share a couple of plants blooming in my living room and kitchen:

A lovely Christmas cactus.  This one is a couple of years old, and these blooms will be gone before Christmas - but who cares.
This is one of my African violets.

As far as the blooms still outside-

A Pink Allysum...
A potted petunia...

And an annual I planted for the first time this year - I was too lazy to go out and read the tag.

My yellow bleeding heart is also still blooming.

By next month there will only be my indoor plants, and the cold winter will almost be here. 

We had a winter almost without snow last year (we normally get at least 80 inches each winter) and I can only hope we are without much snow again this year.  But I doubt that will happen.

What is blooming in your garden?


  1. Lovely Christmas Cactus. The blooms are freezing in my gardens... but still delightful! Happy GBBD!

  2. Christmas cactus and African violets up on my page too, now that we've had one too many hard freezes! My alyssum and petunias gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago, but I have a perennial called Jupiter's Beard that still has some buds, and there's still one nice potted chrysanthemum on my front porch.

    I like how nicely your cactus and violet coordinate and complement one another!

  3. PS I think your last annual picture is just sweet alyssum, by the way!

  4. I like this meme and will consider participating on my blog.


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