Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Storm Heartburn

So....we are under a winter storm warning here in upstate New York.  So, I am posting early just in case our power goes out.  I think it is just going to be snow where we live (amount unknown) but where my aging mother in law lives, it is going to be a blizzard.  And people who could normally take her in are in the same situation.

This is when long distance caregiving gets interesting, because my elderly relative is so resistant to leaving her home for any reason.  We were able to get her to safety for Sandy (a combination of a relative and a family friend took her in) but this time the caregivers may be in a worse situation than she will be.

We are working on it.  Oh, what fun....please, let me remember this so I don't put my son through this type of thing when my time comes.


  1. We'll remind you Alana....if we remember ourselves!

    1. I hope you remember to remind me when the time comes for both of us.

  2. That's so stressful! I'll be thinking of you and MIL, and sending good thoughts your way. We just had a little bit of freezing rain to contend with, and a little snow. No biggieda. I'll count my blessings!

    In other news, I nominated you for the "Sunshine Award," if you'd like to play along.

  3. Hope you manage to get things sorted for your MIL without too much difficulty

  4. I hope the storm isn't bad and that you can figure out the best scenario for your family member. Hugs.

  5. It must be really hard to cope in such extreme conditions. It makes me quite embarrassed that everyone has a mad panic when there is so much as an inch of snow in the UK! (Nothing compared to where you live)

  6. I'm so sorry for the hardship you're facing. Yes, your mother wants to remain independant. However, she's not. In the old days, way before our time, the parents lived with the children as they aged. How simple life must have been then when the storm raged all around them.

  7. Your loved ones are bound to worry about you as you do them. I'm sure you will be the most co-operative of evacuees should you ever need to be :) Best wishes up there... BTW we wore flip-flops yesterday. Not rubbing it in or anything :)

  8. I missed this entry because I wasn't online yesterday evening, but I'm glad to read in today's post that she's doing okay. Heavy and sustained blizzards can be very dangerous for some isolated people because communications and going places can be difficult, and that's not good for people in troiuble who need outside help.

    Let's hope things remain as they are and that she - and everyone else of course - get through the rest of winter without the kind of weather which puts people in jeopardy..


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