Sunday, March 31, 2013

Civil War Sunday - Easter 1863

Many Americans will sit down today to Easter dinner.  The food on the table will differ depending on ethnic tradition and even the part of the country they live in.

But, most likely, it will not be like an Easter dinner enjoyed (if that word could be used) by the troops, either North or South.  In the army, Easter was - well, read for yourself.

Easter came on April 5, 1863.  On that date, someone wrote a letter from Camp Winder, which was located near Richmond, Virginia.  This is a long letter but will give you a taste for camp life and how a holiday might have been spent.

For the Union, there is this letter in a Scranton, PA archive, although it does not discuss Easter.

And meanwhile, the war went on, as this Special Order 77 from Charleston, South Carolina shows.

Easter Sunday. Just another day of war in The War Between the States.

So many of us today are more fortunate - at peace, and with our family or friends.

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  1. Found the link to the Charleston item very interesting as it mentions a hospital in Summerville. From time to time we hear mention of it but it is not explored/covered in any local museum. Hmmm... sounds like something to look into.


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