Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Exercisers Sleep Tonight

A water aerobics aqua exercise class at the local Y.  Forgot the term "water aerobics" is out.  Aqua exercise is in.

The instructor puts on music.  Usually, she uses something modern, at a low volume.  However, tonight, she puts on a CD of "oldies".  Oldies, as in do-wop and rock of the 50's and early 60's.  And, she puts it on loud enough to listen to.

She has the attention of everyone in the pool, especially the pool, as "Rock Around the Clock" echoes off the walls of the pool area.

Next comes Lloyd Price's (You've Got) Personality.

The senior start to sing the chorus.  "Personality"...."Personality", as they exercise.  Soon, even the younger exercisers are chanting "Personality....Personality...."
Tutti Frutti comes next.  Who says seniors can't rock out?

And for the grand finale,
Through the natatorium, echoes "a whim a weh, a whim a weh....." as we all join in singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.


  1. I think I would be pretty tempted to "deep six" this course, Alana...unless of course the seniors are talented warblers..

  2. What fun!! Now that's the way to exercise!

  3. Does this mean I just exercised?

  4. Music is the reason I loooooved my step aerobics class :) It makes everything so much more fun :) WRITE ON!


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