Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sustainable Saturday - Pictures at a Community Garden

Today is an almost-wordless Saturday.  I am going to let some pictures from my spouse's community garden plot do the blogging today, as I have fun with some out of town visitors. 
Our first zucchini (taken July 7) - the stony soil we garden in is visible here.
Not all flowers in a garden belong to ornamentals.  Here are white bean flowers.
And finally, produce we got today from that garden, including - our first tomatoes (Juliet) of the year! July tomatoes are a big thing in upstate New York. (Not shown:  our first green and purple beans.)

We are so fortunate to be able to have a community garden plot as there isn't much room to grow at our house.

Is it gardening season where you live?  If so, and you have a garden, what's ready to pick?

Monday:  Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and you'll see what's blooming at my upstate New York house.


  1. Yum! I love fresh veges from the garden!

  2. How awesome your garden is growing so well!! After the devastation of last year's draught we decided against planting a garden and I don't really miss it.
    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge!


  3. Hey those are great pics you had taken :) My dad is an avid gardener and grows awesome zucchini. I bet it was great.

  4. Oh my, your vegetable plot is doing well! Mine is coming much more slowly. I do have one cucumber that is almost ready to pick, but no bean blossoms or ripe tomatoes yet!


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