Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Fancies - The Last Sniff of Summer

Today, a friend and I took a noontime walk in downtown Binghamton, in upstate New York.  What did we find, on this lovely mid-50's (about 13 Celsius) late October day?
Roses are still blooming, despite a mild frost. (We will get our hard freeze in two or three days). My friend sniffed every one we passed, and found a couple of nice scented ones for me to enjoy.
In a corner near a senior housing development, a lonely flower blooms.
Nearby, a red tree was showing off.  We have an interesting blend right now of bare trees, green trees and colored trees.
Earlier this morning, I was walking through downtown.  At our county courthouse, it was close to dawn and the yellow-brown trees were glowing in the streetlights.
Moving back a little, this was the overall view.

It's hard to believe that the time of snow isn't too far off  But there is actually something a little worrysome in these pictures.  As I mentioned, we have trees that haven't turned downtown, and even where I live near Johnson City.  It's late to have trees with leaves, and each year, the last leaves leave the trees later and later.  We always had full leaf bags before Halloween. This year we haven't even started to rake yet. (we probably will start this weekend.)

My husband has been tracking the last leaf falls for about 10 years now, and there is no change to the pattern of "later and later" yet.

Climate change.  Why does anyone deny it?

Trees with leaves are hazards when the first snows come.  Snow sticks to leaves and branches, or even entire trees, may come down.

Hopefully, the first true snow (we've already had snow showers) will hold of at least a couple of weeks.

If it is autumn where you are, how are things progressing?


  1. How lucky you found some roses still. Mine are all gone now.We're down to the last of the last I'm afraid. There are still some chocolate cosmos and dahlias in the garden. Where would we be without dahlias in the fall? Here it's been so lovely and warm and sunny and today it started raining, just in time for the kiddies at Halloween. :( But then, that's life in the Pacific Northwest.) :)

  2. Rose buds are still forming outsdie my study window although it's turned colder in the last few days. This is a late season compared to the last ten years, but I remember a summer in the 1980s when it lasted right into October. Various things influence the weather, although there's no doubt an overall change is occuring because giant ice caps are falling into the sea.

  3. They look amazing!
    It feels like winter now (the nights are certainly drawing in fast!)


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