Friday, November 8, 2013

The One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of my joining Weight Watchers as a last resort.  I was overweight, on the border of obesity, prediabetic, with an aching right knee, and I hated myself.  My (normal weight) rheumatologist had told me point blank that I had to lose weight, and lose it right now (I was 59) as it was going to get even more difficult as I aged.  I have hypothyroidism, and that makes weight loss even more difficult.  My father (who never had a weight problem) was a Type II diabetic the last 25 years of his life.

Weight Watchers changed my life, and I lost 41 lb in the past year.  They gave me the tools I needed to succeed.  I haven't been to meetings ( I do subscribe to their eTools so I still consider myself an active program participant) since April but the weight loss has been steady. (Slow, but steady, with occasional and frustrating plateaus).  With the support of my spouse, who has lost 21 pounds himself not being on the program but from eating what he cooks for me, we have made it.  My "numbers" are down, although I am not out of the prediabetic woods.  I'll know for sure later this month.

I couldn't have done it without the dedication of my spouse, and I want to thank him.

But have we truly "made it"?  I have found out how bound up in psychology our weight is.  I know HOW to do it, I know why I MUST NOT gain it back, and I know where to get support.  But the battle will be ongoing, and will be for the rest of my life.

I have read that some 95% of people gain the weight back. Recently I've been battling, and losing, against the foe of stress eating.  I've seen so many people I know lose weight (some on Weight Watchers, some on other good programs, some on their own) and gain it all back.

So, on this one year anniversary, I find myself preparing, literally, to fight for my own health.

Wish me luck, and I wouldn't mind a little encouragement.  A year ago I wouldn't have asked. Today, I will.

Have you been fighting this battle, too?


  1. A battle I've been fighting (or ignoring) all my adult life. The most successful method for me has been maintaining a food and exercise diary, which is much easier nowadays with online tools. Right now my motivator is a short term one: to fit into the dress I will wear to a wedding next month.

  2. Oh, Alana, I think most of us fight against weight gain (and health lost) as we get older, alas. I think it's just a consequence of living in a wealthy and stress-filled and junk-food rich place. You can do it, though, I know you can! Walk every day--throw out the junk--eat more veg and fruit--go to those WW meetings. Blog about it! Do whatever you know you need to do to stay healthy!

  3. It's the new regimen that we must adopt- and looking back on what we had is a bad idea...because that induces us to give up our new diet regimens.

  4. Congratulations on your journey so far, and for seeing with awareness you own personal struggles. I wish you lots of luck! You can do it :)

  5. Good for you! I read that even a third of the people who have weight-loss surgery manage to gain it back.

    I haven't had much luck losing weight. Last diet and exercise program resulted in one crummy pound after three weeks. The diet I tried before that was a total failure: I gained five pounds!

  6. I've never been overweight, even though I also suffer from hypothyroidism. Up till now, my metabolism has kept weight at bay. I could always eat what I wanted and not gain any extra weight. The lucky thing is, now, I have lost all desire for extra food and for sweet things entirely, apart from morning fruit. I guess that's my personality type, which plays a part in one's overall makeup. I feel so sorry for you and do, indeed, wish you well. Be strong.

  7. I wish you luck and relate to this so well. I have had substantial (30lb) wt losses in the past only to put them back on. Recently after 3 months of steady 1 pound a week loss I have found I've slipped easily and going rapidly in the wrong direction. Right before the hardest time of the year for wt loss!!! Hope we both dig our heels in and conquer the beast!

  8. Ah it sounds like you have done really well so far! It's really tricky to lose weight, but worth it!


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