Monday, March 24, 2014

And Now, A Guest Post from Winter

Today, reluctantly, I agreed to post a guest blog post from Winter.  Forgive me.

To my many friends and fans:

Ha ha!  You thought I was gone, right?  Didn't you enjoy that 63 degree weather in Brooklyn on Saturday?  Or that nearly 50 degree weather in Binghamton?  Here's a reminder, in case you need one, of what spring looks like.
Crocuses blooming in Brooklyn 3-21-14

Wasn't that fun?  Had you going there for a minute.  Yes, it was really windy, but, it is March after all. I still bet you appreciated the sun, and the warmth.  Well, I hope you had enough of that lovely spring weather on Saturday.

Because I'M BACK!

7am today in Binghamton.  Remember the white stuff?
At Binghamton airport, it was 13 F.  The son of this blog writer says it was eight degrees F at his house.
These are the only local flowers you will be seeing anytime soon unless you go to a florist shop.
Florist Shop, downtown Binghamton, NY
You aren't rid of me that easily.  For a while, they were forecasting a major snowstorm for New York City tomorrow. I decided against that plan, but will probably hit Cape Cod hard.  I'm thinking, eight to 12 inches sounds nice.  Or, I might give New York City some snow after all.  Luckily, crocuses won't mind that.

Eventually (or so you hope) I will be gone and spring will be here. Just not yet, and not today, not if you live in the Northeast United States.


  1. Brr ... will spring happen? or will we just step into summer? I have a feeling it will be the latter. It's very cold here in Michigan with 2 1/2 feet of snow. Alright, already! Enough! ;) Peace out.

  2. Booooo winter! It's baseball season....time for the Yanks to chase down another title!


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