Monday, April 28, 2014

Six Lessons of the Orchid

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to orchids.

I've killed some, and I've made some rebloom.  And, each year, I go to the orchid show at the local mall and end up buying something new.

With orchids, it's all about the journey.  There are so many different kinds of orchids - literally thousands of them, and some even grow wild here in upstate New York.

Next month, I will share with you my latest orchid adventure.  Today I want to treat you to several pictures of the show orchids. It was the perfect day for an orchid show - a gloomy, overcast, windy day with a biting wind.

I can envy people who can grow these orchid beauties, but I know they aren't doing anything I can't do. All I need to do is devote the time to learning the craft of the orchid.

What else can I say but: Beautiful! 

What I loved about this display is the use of various natural materials - moss and wood.
White and lilac - stunning.

What do orchids teach us?

1.  They teach us to pay attention.  Each orchid has its own needs.  You must pay attention to moisture, to the amount and kind of sunshine, to proper orchid nutrition.

2.  They teach us to be patient, because an orchid blooms on its own schedule.  You can not make them bloom. (well, maybe you can, but why would you want to?)

3.  They teach us how thrilling it is when an orchid reblooms.

4.  They teach us that failure is only a stepping stone to success, if we don't give up.

5.  They teach us that spring is not a steady process, here in upstate New York.  Spring advances and retreats. Today was time to retreat indoors, after we completed some yard work, and consider the orchid.

6.  Orchids, and spring, are worth the wait.

Spring will return. One day, it will return for good.

Have you succeeded in doing something hard, which seemed impossible at first?


  1. I love the list of things the orchard taught you. I would never have thought of them. I particularly appreciate the wild orchard. It's usually tiny and delicate. You have to bend to view the detail. That teaches me it's best to leave wild things where they grow.

  2. I love orchids and all the variety they have. But I have never been able to grow them myself, so I just admire everyone else's.

  3. A friend of mine grows orchids. They are always beautiful. I love finding lessons in nature. These are terrific ones.

    Thanks for the lessons.

  4. Incredible photos, you are an artist


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