Tuesday, March 17, 2015

May the Luck of the Irish

This post, originally from March of 2012 and repeated with some edits, is one of my favorites.

Today, I also want to give a shout out for a good friend undergoing cancer treatment.  Today, we hope, begins the last week of her radiation treatment.  Starting today, she takes what they call "boost"  treatments for a week.  She will have her (fingers crossed) final treatment on what would have been her late husband's birthday, March 24.  May this friend, who has an Irish first name, enjoy the luck of the Irish.

The "Luck of the Irish" saying, apparently, originates from the mid 19th century, referring to the ability of Irish miners to, as the saying goes, "strike it rich". 

And now, let's enjoy some

St. Patrick's Day Crochet

I've been crocheting for some 45 years now.  I don't do as much as I used to, for various reasons, but I still crochet a gift or two each year. I also work on crochet projects when I am on the road, since my loving spouse does the driving.

I haven't blogged much about my crochet hobby, but crochet has been a treasured part of my life.  My Mom wanted to teach me to crochet but rheumatoid arthritis robbed her of her ability to do any needlework by the time I was old enough. Instead, a high school friend taught me, and I've never looked back.  But although she didn't teach me, I still feel a link to my Mom whenever I pick up a hook.

These are both projects I worked on 20 or more years ago.  I got the afghan pattern from a magazine that no longer exists, I believe.

I have no idea where I got the pattern for the Christmas stocking.  But there is a special reason why the stocking has shamrocks on it.
This has a special meaning for me and a certain family member.  I made this for his first birthday.

So, today, although I am not Irish, I will wear some green.

 Do you have a favorite hobby or craft?


  1. Hey Alana- Happy St Paddy's day!
    I'm actually wearing purple today, I don't really own anything green. I don't think it suits me (just like I avoid wearing grey at all costs!) I really like the xmas stocking.

    1. I never used to wear green - as I've grown older I've started to. Where I live, we all try to wear green, whether or not we are of Irish descent (and I am not, although I do have Irish descended in laws).

  2. Not Irish, either, but wearing a green shirt, making soda bread, and serving Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight. Not so many years ago, I would color my kids' milk green. It's all good fun.
    My grandmother was an avid crocheter, and she tried to teach me when I was a young girl, to no avail. She passed away when I was in the 6th grade. A few years later, I used one of her old books and taught myself to crochet. I don't complete nearly as many items as she did, but I do like to have some sort of project going most of the time. Recently I whipped up a hat and scarf set to go with my winter coat, and I've now started this "Sampler Stitch" afghan as a Christmas gift for my niece: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L40684.html (Using different colors though).
    At any rate, I do feel a distinct connection to that grandmother whenever I crochet something, even though she did not teach me, and I treasure the afghans that she made for me.
    Your shamrock afghan is pretty, and I'm sure someone will consider it a treasure for many years to come.

    1. Thank you for the link - alas, it required a login. I used to have one for that site but haven't been there in years. Ah well. I know the feeling about not completing as many items as some. Thank you for your kind words. The afghan is my son's. I made it for him between his birth and his first birthday. When he left home he left it behind. Maybe one day it will go to his (if he has children) firstborn.

  3. Hi Alana,

    Enjoyed reading and loved the beautiful Irish crochetting :) Not how you spell it lol Great post!

  4. Lovely crocheting, Alana! I really want to get back to crocheting, especially since I have two small granddaughters, and I have so many things I'd like to make for them!

    My favorite hobby, though, is quilting. I really need to do more of it!

    1. Quilting is something I've never gotten into. Before my mother developed RA, she was a skilled by-hand sewer. Those grandchildren grow fast - I'm sure they would love some homemade items from you, whether quilted or crocheted. I hope you find the time. And thank you for the kind words about my projects.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. So far she is tolerating the boost treatments, and will hope for the best (that she can end it on the 24th).

  6. I love your shamrock crochet! My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 5 and I still love crocheting as it reminds me so much of our times together. Thank you for sharing! #ultrablog

    1. What a wonderful way for a grandma to spend time with her granddaughter. I hope I have the opportunity to do the same if I ever become a grandmother.


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