Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Ramblings - Surprises

Today, an "almost wordless" Wednesday.

We call these weeds.  But in reality, they can be medicines or even food.

And, in their own way, they are beautiful.

Here, a combination Queen Anne's Lace (the white flower) and chicory (blue) by a middle school track.  Chicory has a long history of herbal use (note, I am not a trained herbalist and I am not recommending the website I am linking to.)
Another view of Queen Anne's Lace.  I was surprised to find this is also edible, at least according to this source.

I found a black walnut tree growing nearby- I may devote a separate post to these luscious nuts and my experience with them.
And finally, wild morningglory.  This is not edible - but some are, apparently.

Beauty is all around us.  So is food.  Years ago I experimented with some of the more common (and a couple of the less common) edibles.  Maybe one day I should blog about that.

Have you tried wild edibles?


  1. I have never eaten any of my daylilies, but I have seen them used in salads. Apparently they are tasty as not only do the deer enjoy them but my grandson grabbed on off a plant and bit into it too. I did not tell his parents as I am sure they would 'freak out'.

  2. Hi Alana,
    Yes, I would agree that some would call these "weeds" but they are beautiful ;) Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures :) Great post!

  3. No. I'm too worried that I'll mistake something poisonous for something not. It's easy to do. But all sorts of plants have been used for medicinals for centuries. Of course "weeds" would be useful, too.


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