Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall Fancies - The Lament of the Last Tree

Alone in the upstate New York community I live in, the last tree with leaves stands proudly.
Taken several days ago but still full of leaves today
Look at me! it seems to say.  I am the last survivor.

A month ago, turning trees were everywhere.

Red and gold, brown and yellow, my brothers celebrated the season.
Broome County Library, November 4

Now it's down to me.  I am the last.

The other leaves have fallen.  They sit in leaf bags and in mulch piles.

Only I remain, but for how long?  Perhaps hours? Perhaps until the next windstorm?  Or when snow finally comes to upstate New York?

My days are numbered.  But do not mourn for me.


  1. We've still got several red and yellow trees. It finally got cold at night. I think that's what triggers them. Happy winter?

  2. We don't have many left, but there are a few. Winter is definitely coming!

  3. We've got lots of pine trees here but most of our leafy trees are all naked now. Little snow but cold temps. I'm really looking forward to spring!


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