Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Ramblings - August Ends

It's time for a look back at August.

In four months, I will look at this post and remember that there used to be a time when hot breezes blew and the sun smiled upon us.  Plants grew.  Berries ripened.

Soon, these will all be just memories.

But we have flowers to remember it by.  And sunrises.

Blueberries.  They are gone now.

Ash berries, west side of Binghamton, New York.
Black eyed susans, August 2.
Basil, my yard.
One last surprise daylily on August 18.

Roses on the West Side of Binghamton.
Turtleheads, my yard, August 27.

And an overview of my front yard at sunrise.

Farewell, August.

Are you happy, or sad, to see August leave?


  1. At least you'll always have the photos to embellish your days.

  2. That final overview of your garden is just lovely. And the turtleheads! Very well-named, aren't they?

  3. My freezer is full of pesto. Was just outside starting to cut down fading flowers. Now that we are finally getting rain, some plants are starting to look alive. Alas, the end of summer is upon us.

  4. Turtleheads - nice. The passing of summer is always a bit melancholy.

  5. Happy. I've never much liked August. Too hot. Although, October can be just as hot. I'm looking forward to needing to wear a sweater.

  6. Happy as a clam to see the back of August! As Liz A. says, "Too hot"! Beautiful photos, as always. :)


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