Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Monday - No One Likes to Be Ignored

If it wasn't a Monday, I'd probably be enjoying writing a blog post about fall where I live in upstate New York. I'd be sharing fall photos with you.
Downtown Binghamon, New York, earlier this month

The yellow.

The red and the orange.

Or the blazing red.

But this is Music Monday and you are expecting a music post.

Last week, I blogged about master singer/songwriter Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.  One of my commenters mentioned that Dylan had not yet acknowledged he won the award, and that the good folks who award the Nobel Prizes had been unable to locate him.  They didn't even know if he would show up for the award ceremony.

Now, that silence has become big news, especially after his website briefly mentioned it, but then the reference was taken down.  No mention of it now.

Dylan is being called "arrogant", "rude", and more.

This is far from the first time Bob Dylan has decided not to talk.  He gives interviews on his own schedule.  This isn't the first time he's ignored an award.

So, the question becomes: arrogance, or nobility?

I suspect Bob Dylan does not care.  It's his life, his award to accept, embrace, or ignore.  It may not be important to his world view - or, knowing the history of the man the awards are named after, he may have decided, deliberately, to ignore it.

On the other hand - if you invited people to a party, wouldn't you want to know who was intending to show up? Or to acknowledge they received your invitation?

What do I think? I think artists have an obligation to the world - the world that has bought their records, listened to their songs, and put money in their bank accounts.  Go back to the official website of the artist.  The home page is announcing new albums and new tours.  All of these cost money, and Bob Dylan wouldn't be advertising these if he didn't want to make money.  So, he is making money off the public. (I know - shock. Surprise).

If I was in his shoes, even if I did not want the award, I would still acknowledge it, and thank those who had voted in praise of my works for thinking of me.  If you are taking money for something you make, or create, I think you owe those same members of public at least this much.

What do you think?

Day 24 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I have seen the blazing red ones here too. They look fabulous :D
    I think at least the award should have been acknowledged, no matter how famous or successful one is.

  2. Arrogance. He is not the first performer to refuse an award. They think they are making a statement, but I will not spend my money on entertainers who have that attitude. I once nominated someone for one of those blogger awards that are given out for fun and she replied that serious bloggers like her do not accept such frivolous awards. 'Serious bloggers', whatever that is.

  3. I agree that he should at least acknowledge the award. Hell, he must have legions of "people" (PR folks and the like) who'd do this for him so he can remain his reclusive self. His silence is just drawing more (apparently unwanted) attention to himself.

  4. Love the red. Hate Dylan's arrogance. That's the bottom lines for today!

  5. It's hard to know what he's thinking since he hasn't said anything. I wonder if he's in awe or if he's not sure how to respond. So, I'm reserving my reaction until I hear what he's actually thinking rather than trying to figure out what he might be thinking.


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