Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Binghamton Does Dinosaurs

Welcome to day 6 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge.

In some ways, it's hard to believe that six years have passed since I took these pictures in downtown Binghamton.

The hope was that these dinosaurs would decorate downtown Binghamton, New York for a summer, and then be auctioned off.  This effort was spearheaded by a non profits called hART of BC.  The late John Hart, of BC comic fame, was a native of this area, and his grandson, who now does the BC Comic (and another comic, the Wizard of Id) is active in this charity.

Instead, many of the dinosaurs were vandalized, and they had to be removed to a safe place.  Eventually, they were auctioned off.  I know of at least two local businesses that still have them. 

But for a moment in time, the dinos belonged to the people. And now, I'd like to bring them to life one last time.

Binghamton Does Dinosaurs

Here are some other hART of BC dino sightings in and around downtown Binghamton, yesterday evening.

This first one-yes, it's a medical dino - comes to us courtesy of the Ladies Auxiliary of the local hospital.

This next one is one of my favorites.  Very simple but elegant.  The "coin" dinosaur.  (the bumps are pennies) in just the right location..
The "apartment building" 'saur.  And the "money" dinosaur.  The first is in front of the Broome County Courthouse (called GRRRR Hart) and the second (Hart on the Range) in front of Metrocenter (a failed downtown shopping mall, now converted to offices.)  For the latter, this dinosaur may represent the parking at Metrocenter - which if I remember correctly, is $20 to discourage the unfortunate office workers of downtown from daring to even TRY to use THEIR parking lot. 
So, what's next? (and the last for tonight).  A musical dinosaur.  Brought to us by Rogers and HART? (couldn't resist.)  This baby is called the Philhartmonic.


  1. With names like that, they invited derision!

  2. Cool. Someone did that with cows in NYC a few years ago. Very creative.

  3. Time sure does fly right? Lovely Dinosaur pictures! Clicking them would have been fun I suppose!

  4. It an incredible post about the cool dinosaurs in Binghamton. Amazing pictures.

  5. Those are so fun. Sorry to hear they were vandalized. Some people...

  6. I am going to show these to my grandson when he gets here. He will love them. It is a shame that some folks trash other people's work.

  7. Omgosh, those are SO CUTE. Such a bummer to hear they were vandalized. :(


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