Monday, January 23, 2017

Music Monday - Songs Of a Turbulent Time

Today, a post with some songs for our times.

Respect - Aretha Franklin.   This is something we need a whole lot more of.

This is a song I blogged about last year:  "You Don't Own Me" as sung by Leslie Gore.

Janis Ian "At Seventeen".

And, a song from the 1960's, that in a way, seems just as relevant today.

The more things change....which is why I leave you with this song.  It has lyrics thousands of years old, but, again, is still relevant today.

Day 23 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Songs from my (and your) teenage years...

  2. Songs from the past that really are timely now. We shall overcome is always a favorite march song!

  3. Great songs! I recall singing along with You Don't Own Me and breaking into tears.

  4. Thank you for these lovely songs, which never die. We are living in turbulent times and I hope that people can learn to listen to each other's stories. I think that understanding is based on listening. So far, we are spending more time shouting over each other than we are listening. Music helps because it is a universal language. Maybe we should sing our stories.

  5. All good ones here! Lesley Gore is a favorite. I saw her in concert years ago. She put on a great show, despite not being able to connect with the backup band, which wasn't hers.

  6. Wonderful choices, Alana! Thank you! Brenda

  7. Wonderful selection of songs. I liked "Turn! Turn! Turn! the most. Agree with you, we need to imbibe the true spirit of this song more than ever.

  8. That Leslie Gore song still resonates.


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