Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Wonders - She's Golden

Yesterday, actress Betty White celebrated her 95th birthday - by working.

Yes, she is still actively working on television. She's been working for over 75 years.

Perhaps age is more than a number, but what a number Betty White has.

Three years ago, she did a spoof of a famous music video.

But I remember her from the early 1960's, when she would star on a game show called Password.  She married the host, Allen Ludden, who died in 1981 from cancer.  He was the love of her life (she was married twice before).  Betty White never remarried.

Betty White was on TV long before that - here is a clip from 1953. She acted in this show but she was also a producer - a producer, in the 1950's, when that was almost unheard of for a woman.

And then there was the 1970's, when Betty White played a recurring character on The Mary Tyler Moore show.  Sue Ann Nivens had men very much on her mind and it was so funny.  Be forewarned, a lot of White's humor is not on the clean side. 

Then, in the 1980's (1985 to 1992 to be exact) there was the Golden Girls (shown, here, with the late Bea Arthur).  For a 95th birthday present, Betty White was interviewed, and asked for a reboot of this series.

Nowadays, Betty White appeared on a series called Hot in Cleveland,which left the air in 2015.  This clip is from 2014.  Betty White played a 90 year old woman who had quite the life - an escape from the Nazis in World War II, and, yes, she still went after men.

Perhaps that is the secret of youth - never lose your zest for life.  Stay golden, and be outrageous.

We hope you have many happy (and healthy) birthdays ahead of you, Betty White!

Day 18 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I remember Life with Elizabeth. She was such a goof. For some reason I never realized she had been married before Ludden. Maybe it was my youth? Her foul mouth had a tendency to turn me off. I was amazed yesterday to find out she was still working.

  2. I think you found the nugget... Keep that zest in your life!

  3. Betty White is still a joy to watch. Her cameo in Community is one of the standout moments of that series!

  4. I f*cking love Betty White...what a legend!

  5. Betty White has been part of my sixty-plus years on the planet. I remember when she and Allen Ludden got married, because I used to watch "Password" in the afternoons when I was in kindergarten. While I was in the hospital, reruns of "The Golden Girls" kept me sane. Happy birthday to her, and many, many more.

  6. I really enjoyed the show 'Hot in Cleveland'. White was, as always, brilliant. I first got turned onto her work via The Mary Tyler Moore show playing the very shallow Sue Ann. -so funny.

  7. Betty is such a glamour girl! I loved her in The Golden Girls. She looks great for 95!

  8. I was watching the new Password this summer, and I couldn't help but think of Betty White. Because she was really good at it, and some of the celebs were not. (Some were amazing, though.)

  9. Betty White is beautiful and she is funny! I truly enjoy watching her.

  10. I loved the Golden Girls. So glad she is still working at this point.


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