Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spring Things - Irises

Plenty of irises were in bloom this past weekend, here in upstate New York.

We are back in a rainy pattern, so these pictures were taken during a rare moment of sun. Some of these pictures were taken in Binghamton and others in and around Ithaca.

Lavender colored.
Peach and brownish-red. 


  1. My irises go up and down. One year they are gorgeous and the next, nothing. I really like that purple bi-color.

  2. My pal David just posted a bunch of such photos after his trip to the Philly area...

  3. Oh I loooove irises - they are so pretty and frilly and such a joy to see springing up in the garden - love all of yours Alana x

  4. Lovely lovely flowers .What is it about gardens that make us so happy?I adored the violet ones

  5. I do love irises. Maybe even more so because I have such difficulty growing them here. Difficult as in impossible. I think they don't like our heat and humidity, so I have to enjoy them in the posts of my blogger friends who can grow them.

  6. Pretty. Is the rain keeping the flowers blooming?

  7. I didn't know irises came in different colours. I'm visiting your part of the world and am simply amazed at the gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere.


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