Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happiness Through the Fog

Yesterday, for the first time, I participated in a Senior Walking and Running Festival.

About 175 senior participated in this event, sponsored by the Office of Aging, a major provider of assisted living/other types of housing for seniors, and others.  Some of the participants were upwards of 85-89 years old (the highest division). 
The starting and finish line

It was foggy out there on the Vestal Rail Trail, when the race started at 8am.

Off we went, into the fog.  There was a 1 mile walk and run, and a 5K walk and run. My spouse and I chose to compete in the 5K. This was our first certified 5K walking event, although we have exercise walked for years.
The foggy trail stretched ahead of us.

Eventually, it started to brighten up, with sun glistening on the leaves.
We passed the Traci's Hope memorial.  Traci Gibson was a woman, diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31, married with three young children  Her boys were six, four, and five months old. Traci had everything to live for.  Sadly, Traci passed away at the age of 38, but many continue the organization she started to help men (yes, men) and women with breast cancer.

We completed the race in a little over 50 minutes.  To my amazement, I came in fourth in my division (because of some back issues, I wasn't walking as fast as I could) and my spouse came in third in his division (he hung back for most of the race to walk with me).

After all the awards were given out (basically, if you showed up you got a medal), we all toasted our participation with sparkling grape juice.  The spokesman for the organizer toasted us, hoping we all would have many finish lines to cross in the future.

That is my wish for you, my dear reader, today - a long and happy life, with many events to celebrate.


  1. What a fun experience! So neat that you and your husby could go together!

  2. How neat that you could do that. My community's used to have a half-marathon, long gone now. Last Sunday was the Walk for Israel down the main road outside my sub. I spent the day running errands.

  3. Congratulations! Because of knee problems, I would find such an event virtually impossible, but I'm happy to cheer you from the sidelines. Keep it up!

  4. Awesome Kudos to both of you. I have never run or jogged for that long. About time I start doing that 😀 the trail looks beautiful.

  5. Alana,

    Congrats on not only finishing but placing! Walking is more of my speed. I've never liked running even as a kid. I think it's marvelous your hubby did this with you and stayed back to walk it with you. That's just plain sweetness!

  6. Amazing! Congrats and this,oooks like a fun event


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