Thursday, September 14, 2017

Racing Fog #Skywatch

It is Thursday but I am blogging about Skywatch Friday, normally the meme I participate in each Friday. 

Why am I watching the sky today?  Because tomorrow is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and I did not want to make a combination post.  Next week, I will return with another ThursdayTreeLove post.

Foggy skies are common this time of year in upstate New York.

At the beginning of a senior walk/run event I participated in Saturday, the people ahead of me at the start disappeared into the fog.

Some of the trail we walked on as we raced.  Leave it to me to take pictures during a race.
And, at the end (actually taken before the beginning of the race), the finish line awaited.

Fog can make for some beautiful pictures.

Join other bloggers at #SkywatchFriday, where you can see pictures of the sky from all over the world.  Even on a Thursday.


  1. I love fog. Well, not driving in it. But walking? Beautiful! It's peaceful. Muffled. Like snow but without the frigid temperatures.

  2. And, some interesting accidents! Take it from me!

  3. It acting like rain but no action yet...Coffee is on

  4. Beautiful sky!! Brings a nice calm within :)

  5. Only the sky can make dull look so adorable. :) Great captures, Alana. :)

  6. Nice shot with the people disappearing into the fog. I agree, fog can make for some wonderful photography!

  7. Lovely sky and there are trees too. Fit for Thursdays, Alana.


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