Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Fall into Fall

All summers come to an end.  Fall doesn't come, according to astronomers, until next Friday, but its presence is being felt where I live.

The fall crops are coming in, here in upstate New York.  Today, here's a selection from two markets.

Winter squash.

Potatoes and garlic.

More potatoes.

Microgreens (not a "fall" crop, but they were for sale - and they were delicious).

And beautiful, I may add.

More fall to come, including apples.


  1. Sniff, sniff. I guess that means the end of my local cantaloupe and corn. Two of MY favorites.

  2. I love fall in the Hudson Valley. Soon it will be time for apple picking. Fun!

  3. Eagerly waiting for orange and bright reds of fall. The nature looks beautiful in fall.

  4. Oh, definitely feels like Fall over here too. Inspiring post though - reminding me on the treats this season can offer:-) Here, the apples are ready for picking now:-)

  5. There's astronomical fall and weather fall. Sounds like you've already gotten to weather fall. We don't see weather fall until October usually. At the moment we're still in summer. (I'm in a tank top and shorts. It's too hot to be in much more.)

  6. I've picked so many apples off the neighbor's tree, I had to give some away. Bought some zucchini at the market to make chocolate zucchini bread. I love fall whenever it arrives.

  7. Feels great seeing all those fresh veggies on display!

  8. Yep, the seasons are crazy. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are officially in Spring, but the so-called Spring Flowers have been out for weeks, and every now and then it feels more like winter!

  9. Pumpkin season! I wish we had a fall season here in India - where the leaves turned russet gold and the air seemed almost golden! Or maybe that happens more in novels? ;-)


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