Thursday, January 4, 2018

Charleston White

The world has turned upside down.

At this moment, there is more snow on the ground in Charleston, South Carolina (about 830 miles south of me) than where I live in upstate New York. 

And that just ain't natural.  For either city.

Charleston usually doesn't get snow, although it has from time to time. 

We got 132 inches of snow last year, as a reference.

I love Charleston.  I've visited it several times, the latest in 2015.  As a matter of fact, I was thinking of visitng it again later this month, but I've had second thoughts and made other plans.  If I had been there yesterday, though, I would have slid all over the place, taking hundreds of pictures. What an opportunity (not that I would have been that happy).

But, I can show you some pictures of the College of Charleston taken in March of 2015, complete with white.

White flowers, that is.

Yesterday, I showed you local snow.  Today, I show you Charleston flowers.  These flowers are called Carolina Silver Bells.
Beautiful blue skies with a white flowering bush and a white flowering tree.
And white azaleas.

This is the "normal" Charleston. It sure does beat snow and ice.

Our strange winter continues, as we are plunged back into the deep freeze.

Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. Sigh. Hunkered down for the storm, but at least your flowers bring me hope that spring will come.

  2. Love seeing these pictures of Charleston. I would love to visit. Unbelievable the weather changes in the Northern Hemisphere...upside down...a good description. Warming up here in West Texas.

  3. Ah, Charleston. What a beautiful city.

  4. There's plenty of white in them there trees in Charleston today, ma'am!

  5. The trees/ bushes and flowers are so pretty. I am just so sorry I missed the snow. As I would love having some but in Fort Worth, Texas we don't get that much snow. If only someone would send me some I would be over the MOON.

  6. I am in NJ right now getting hammered with the same storm! Although the accumulation is not terrible, the winds that are gusting are harsh.

    I grew up in NYC and went to Rochester NY for college! I haven't been to Charleston, but I hear it is wonderful (and you pictures show that!)


  7. I live in South Carolina and the cold we're having is unbelievable! We're not used to freezing! We've had a crazy weather year around here which my husband is blaming on the eclipse (or Trump) depends lol!

  8. Lovely shots! How strange the weather is! People down south are rarely prepared for blizzards.

  9. Have you noticed how weird winters have been of late? Ah well, hopefully they'll get back to normal temps soon.

  10. Beautiful Charleston flowers! Yes the weather seems to flip flop, we should be wearing flip flops now! LOL I live outside of N. Myrtle Beach and we were suppose to get as much snow as Charleston but unfortunately we only got a dusting but lots of ice!


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