Friday, January 5, 2018

Coming and Going - Skywatch Friday

Earlier this week I took a walk.

I looked to the East, to a beautiful sunrise.

I looked to the West, and saw a super moon setting.

Welcome to 2018, the sky seemed to say.

Day 5 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost

Join bloggers from all over the world for #SkywatchFriday - where bloggers from all over the world take pictures of the sky, the sun and the moon.

The weather has been terrible in so much of our United States.  Stay safe, my readers!


  1. And, then the snow made such walks more difficult.

  2. Beautiful from any view! Happy New Year.

  3. The first image is just breathtaking. I love it and here's to an awesome 2018!

  4. I love it when you can see a sunrise and a moonset (or visa versa)! Pretty shots.

  5. These days I'm enjoying the view looking up a lot more than looking down. I really enjoyed that supermoon too.

  6. The sunrise and the moonset are beautiful!

  7. Oooh, what a great perspective.

  8. I love sunrises, sunsets (I'm a night owl so I see more sunsets than sunrises), clouds and stars and the sky in general, so I've enjoyed your photos.


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