Sunday, February 4, 2018

Football or Rescue?

Tonight, much of the United States will be watching a football game called the Super Bowl whether or not they are football fans.

If you aren't a football fan, you watch for one of two reasons:

1.  To eat

2.  To watch the commercials.

And, if you don't want to watch football, there is a worthwhile alternative, which I'll discuss shortly.

If you watch the Super Bowl to eat, you probably have your menu set by now.  If not, and if you want something light, this may help.

And although we won't know this year's commercials before game time (wait, no, see below), here are some from past years.

"1984" Apple introduces the MacIntosh computer.  The ad promises that 1984 won't be like the book "1984".  Some might argue the latter had to wait until 2018.

"Avocado Secret Society" from 2017. Guac, anyone? (you may want to refer to recipe in link at the beginning of my post.)

A personal favorite - the Volkswagon "Force" commercial from 2011.

And now, for 2018, some commercials have already been leaked.  If you have a thing about "Alexa", you will love this. (I did!) "Alexa Loses Her Voice".  (Amazon promises any devices that contain Alexa won't wake up, due to this technology)

If you don't like football, there is a wonderful alternative if you get the Animal Planet channel - the Puppy Bowl (here's a taste of a previous bowl).
Here's a practice from last year.

Briefly, the rules are:  the puppies must take a chew toy and move it into an end zone.  Either end zone.  There are penalties for "excessive growling", "terrorizing the ref", "excessive hydration" (plus lots of belly rubs) and the referee has his hands full calling plays, and, up after the players, who may not be toilet trained.

The Puppy Bowl is in its 14th year, and all of the puppies who participate come from shelters from all over the country - they are all available for adoption, and (at least in the past few years) the adoption rate after the Bowl is 100%.

Some of the puppies this year are hurricane rescues.

Do you have any plans for the Super Bowl?  Or Puppy Bowl?  Will you watch either one?


  1. I always wonder why people are so obsessed with this super bowl. Especially when I see people roaming around shops with their shopping cart filled with drinks and chips. May be as u said, Super bowl is mostly about eating than watching the game.Lol..

  2. I do not watch the super bowl. I did read about the tweaking with Alexa. I was watching a program once and someone's name was Alexei. I had to unplug her cause she kept telling me 'I didn't get that'. I may watch some of the commercials on the web tomorrow.

  3. Nope, I ignore the Super Bowl. Every year. You might notice that I'm currently ignoring it as it is on right now...

  4. I don't watch the super bowl. We have the same frenzy here when the rugby games are on. Loved the puppy bowl.


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