Monday, February 19, 2018

Themes of Champions #MusicMovesMe

The Winter Olympics are being broadcast this week.  In their second week, I got to wondering - the theme used in United States broadcasts has been the same for so long.  Who wrote it, anyway?

It turns out there is more than one Olympic theme, and it isn't the same all over the world.  In the United States, actually, there are two different ones.

Smithsonian Magazine had a wonderful article on the Olympic Themes.
This is NBC Networks' Olympics Theme Song in the United States.

But this is not original music.  This music comes from a composition called "Bugler's Dream" composed by French composer  Léo Arnaud.  This is the original.
This Olympic Fanfare and Theme was composed by John Williams for the 1984 Summer Games, which were held in the United States.  These two compositions have become intertwined, with some claiming Williams "stole" Armaud's piece, and many Americans thinking that Williams wrote the Olympic theme.  Ah, complications of life.

But, wait, there's more music in store for you.  The CBC (Canada) has some of the most beautiful Olympic openings to their broadcasts.  This is the one from Rio in 2016.

"We are the Champions" by Queen, has become a standard in United States sports stadium.

There is one final song, which I understand parts of the world use as their Olympic "theme" - but you'll have to wait until next week to hear it.

And now, a little about Music Moves Me (aka "4M").

The Head 4M'er is XmasDolly.  Her co-4Mers are:  Callie of JAmerican Spice, and ♥Stacy of Stacy Uncorked♥   And last but certainly not least, Cathy from Curious as a Cathy.

Will you join us today with some music?


  1. I am loving watching the Winter Olympics and I hadn't thought much about the theme songs and music - I will also admit to being a lover of Queen and their music (and I now have We are the Champions running in a loop inside my brain!)

  2. It's been many years since I sat glued to a TV set watching the Olympics. I well remember watching Cassius Clay, later known as Mohammed Ali, in 1960. Your first selection is the theme I remember best.

  3. Love it -- My son was a baseball player in high school and college. "We are the Champions" was part of his game day ritual -- EVERY time no matter what! Thanks that was fun!

  4. Help! I thought I good enjoy bad TV now that Football is done. Who knew everyone runs reruns- or worse yet- broadcasts the Olympics- 24X7

  5. I think I like Rio's the best. Kinda gets your adrenaline goin' don't it? NOW you got it right on the mark with QUEEN! I really wish the lead singer would've lived much longer they were G-R-E-A-T! Don't you think? I love all their songs. Thanks for sharing and have a rockin' week! From my fellow conductors & myself YOU ROCK!

  6. I thought the music we heard on NBC was NBC's Olympic theme. The Olympic Hymn is that thing they sing at the opening ceremonies, right? I don't keep it straight.

  7. Very cool. I love the song from Rio. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks for all of them. Loved them all.

  8. Alana,

    The winter games have never been my favorite but I used to enjoy watching figure skating and downhill skiing. This time around, I'm not enthralled by the Olympics. The theme mewsic is awesome and distinctive. Everyone hearing any of these versions think, the Olympics! Thanks for sharing the dance floor with us, my friend!

  9. I didn't realize there were so many different versions on the song. Long live the Queen!

  10. So John Williams's fanfare was not taken from Leo Arnaud. Good to know.


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