Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Healing Power of Music

I saw a feature today on the healing power of music.

It featured a non profit organization of musicians called Musicians on Call, who has been bringing musicians to the sick in hospitals for some 20 years.  Some musicians who have participated include Keith Urban and Nick Jonas.

They have played to over 600,000. patients in these past 20 or so years.

Doctors explain that music does indeed have healing power - decreasing anxiety, decreasing pain and increasing happiness.  The long term facility where my mother in law is now living has local musicians come into the facility several times a week.

Don't we all need more music in our lives?  If you agree, visit my blog each Monday for #MusicMovesMe.

If you want to hear more about Musicians on Call delivering their music of hope and health, please click on this link.


  1. Music therapy (or it was music something like that) was something discussed when I was in high school. Some of my fellow high school band mates were looking into the field for college studies. As I did not keep in touch with any of them, I have no idea how well they fared.

  2. Did you ever hear of a pregnant woman putting earphones on her belly and playing Bach? I heard of that. Personally I'd play the 80's & 90's rock n' roll, but you know what I mean!!! ~hehehe~ Have a great week my friend! hugs

  3. Music is so powerful. I read recently that it stimulates the brain more fully than most other experiences. Interesting!

  4. Music is healing in so many ways. Just personally, music has cheered me up when sad, been a distraction when overwhelmed and even forced emotions to the surface when I couldn't get them out. Never heard of Musicians on Call, but I love that it exists.

  5. I've always thought music is the highest art since it goes deepest. I'm not at all surprised to hear of its healing properties.

  6. I have a theory: Music goes straight to the heart. We have no filters for it, That's why it affects us so profoundly. Makes us happy or sad or mad. Calms and soothes or ruffles us. I am absolutely not surprised to hear about the healing power it also has! Wonderful people to share their beautiful talents!

  7. Is that why singing in the car, or in the shower, feels so good?!


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