Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fancy Colors

Who says produce can't be photogenic?

These pictures were taken today at Frog Pond Farms, near Bainbridge, New York.  In New York, we are at the height of summer and of our produce season.  So grateful for the plenty that surrounds us each day.

On the drive to Frog Pond, we were hugged by the green hills of upstate New York, and powderpuff clouds filled the sky.

When you combine natural colors, they never seem to clash.  Here is the red of onions, the green of cucumbers, and the yellow of squash.
The white of more onions and the red of beets.

Unhusked corn.  We will each eat an ear tonight with our dinner.  In our area of upstate New York, bicolor is the favorite.  In the late summer, you may find some all white, but never all yellow.

And the brown of maple products.  There's even more bounty - local cheese, local eggs, local Amish made pickled products. 

For a moment, the memories of winter are put behind us, and we think, how could we not love upstate New York?

Before we know it, it will be October and it will be time to wrap up another growing season.  This is what Frog Pond may look like by then.  

But that day hasn't come yet.  Seize each summer day, hug it, and be grateful for every day we are given.

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  1. This reminds me of advice I've gotten about maintaining a healthy diet, "Be sure to eat your colors!" Those purple and green veggies together are gorgeous.

  2. What a well stocked farmers market. Looks like summer!

  3. What delicious looking vegetables! My new healthy eating plan is lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. You got that covered!

  4. It garden season and so lovely to eat fresh veggie out garden.
    Coffee is on

  5. I love the variety at farmers markets. I totally think it’s beautiful!

  6. I love this time of year. My suburban community still has a few small farms, and there are farmstands with local produce.

  7. I love fresh produce in season. I do miss the fresh sweet corn, we do not find much of that here in Mexico so we usually find a reason to fly up to Wisconsin during corn season and enjoy it every day we are there. Color makes the difference in the market and on the plate. Nice article

  8. love your featuring the colors of nature. It's amazing what a zing of color will do to our appetites.

  9. Have you heard of the really easy way to have corn on the cob? Don't husk it. Put it in the microwave for 4 minutes per ear. Then when it's done, you cut off the end. The husk slides right off, and the corn is perfectly cooked.

  10. God's colours. There's nothing better!


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