Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Case of the January Greens

No, I'm not talking leftover Christmas trees.

Every year, it seems we are having a stranger and stranger January. (And February.  And March....)

I thought winter had come on Black Friday, when we got down to four above zero F (-15.5 C).  Or that we had a large snowstorm.

Then we had one of the most cloudy stretches I can remember.  However, on Friday and Saturday, the sun actually came out and I got to remember what the sun looks like.
Never used to be like this on January 5 near Binghamton, New York
This is what things looked like yesterday where I sometimes exercise walk.  Yes, that's green grass.  And sunshine.

Today, we are having strong winds and blowing snow (which isn't sticking).  At least the temperature is above freezing.

Yes, it could be worse.  Just about a year ago, we went down to -2 F (-19 C).  Thank heavens that wasn't today.

And we had ice sculptures in downtown Binghamton.  Not this year, though.

The snow will come soon enough - I hope, though, that it doesn't come in April, like last year.

I remember when we started having this kind of weather about six years ago.  Before that, it was a given that snow covered our ground from November through March with little break. You knew February, in particular, would be brutal.  Now, things are all over the place. Warm in January.  Snow in April.  That kind of thing.

Even the clouds look different.

Does the weather ever frighten you?

Day six of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost.


  1. The weather event that generally gives me most pause is heavy rains, of which we've had plenty recently. Not so much that it causes problems for me but it does for very many of my neighbors. And, of course, when those heavy rains are compounded with hurricane winds, that can be quite scary.

  2. The weather here on Long Island has been weird, too. Scary.

  3. It's disconcerting when the weather patterns are disrupted.

  4. We haven't had a winter for a while. Worried about dry summer.
    Coffee is on


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