Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Origin #AtoZChallenge

New York City.  It's the city many of us think we know, others of us want no part of, and still others dream every waking moment of visiting.

I was fortunate enough to be born in, and grow up in, New York City, so I can call New York City my city of Origin.  I left when I was 21 and have only returned to visit friends and family.  I was never a true child of New York City - always aching for fewer crowds and less congestion.  My father, on the other hand, was born in Brooklyn, spent part of his life in the Bronx, and returned to Brooklyn for his last few years of life.  Except for World War II, he lived there all his life.

I'd like to give you some views of New York City.  Some you will expect.   Some will surprise you.

The Manhattan skyline, up close but not too personal.

This is some more of what you might expect.

From an elevated park called the High Line, you can get quite up close and personal with older buildings.

Tranquility Garden, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Yes, there is plenty of green in New York City.

Or, these beautiful houses in (hoping I'm right here) Borough Park, also in Brooklyn.  Yes, there aren't skyscrapers everywhere.
The other day, I blogged about the Lott House, a circa 1800 farmhouse in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn.  Would you expect to see a farmhouse in New York City?  Here it is, decorated for Christmas.

"O" day in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  My theme: Finding America through Photos.


  1. I’ve really got to make time to go to Greenwood...

  2. Every time I had to go into New York, it was always Manhattan. It's nice to see that not all of it is bustling and crowded.

  3. My son who lives in Texas is interviewing in NYC. Personally, I'd stay in Texas.

  4. My one visit to New York City (obviously as an outsider) was enhanced by my ability to do research on immigrating ancestors. My niece lived in Harlem at the time so that added to the experience. Seeing Ground Zero offered a period of introspection.
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  5. I am an NYC purist. So, if it's not Manhattan, it ain't NYC. I lived in the Village, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Island. I miss it, but re organize that one needs two commas to be fully engaged there nowadays.

  6. When I worked in Boston and in CT, I used to spend about a week a month in NYC, loved every minute of it. Theater, the restaurants, the nightlife, it was such a fun time. I miss it.

  7. My niece got accepted to a college in New York City. It's her first choice. I have no idea where she's going to go, though. Money concerns... (She wants to go to the big city, though.)

  8. Shame on me I should've stopped by before. Well, I won't miss from now on. This is fabulous girlfriend. You surely did your homework and for lack of better words I am so impressed. What an awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing. HUGS and have a great weekend.


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