Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Maple Sweetness #WordlessWednesday

It's maple syrup season where I live in the Southern Tier of New York State.   

Later today, I hope to be going to a sugar house to buy some maple syrup.  The syrup I like is what we call dark amber - it is darker and full of more flavor than what you can buy in the supermarkets.

These are a couple of pictures I took several years ago.  Today, it's supposed to get near 60 degrees (15.6 degrees Celsius) so there may not be any snow.

As you may be aware, maple syrup is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree, which is collected and transported to a sugar house for boiling into syrup.  The "raw" sap doesn't have much of a taste.  Native Americans, years ago, figured out if you condensed the sap, you got yourself a sweet treat.

This is a local sugarhouse.

This sugarhouse, at least in 2013, was still using a wood fired evaporator.   The boiled down syrup has a special flavor if wood is used.

I can't wait for this afternoon.  There won't be any samples this year, I'm sure, due to COVID-19, but I already know what it will taste like.  It will taste like the end of winter.  Sweet.

Joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for her #WordlessWednesday.


  1. love maple syrup...sweet, fresh and healthy.

    Have a wonderful day

  2. We've been tapping the sugar maple in our backyard in Maine for decades now. So much fun and very delicious!

  3. ...we always looked forward to have buckwheat pancake and real maple syrup at Cartwrights in Short Track. That's on hold for another year.

  4. Oh, I love that! "It will taste like the end of winter. Sweet."

  5. I'd love to see this process from the tree to the sugar house. Fabulous, and you're excited to see spring and have some sweet goodness. Enjoy.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. It will taste like the end of winter. You have an interesting turn of phrase.

  7. I had pancakes today and wish I had that. I love loads of butter and syrup

  8. Interesting! I like the name: 'sugar house'! It's like a story!
    I tried once this kind of syrup, for curiosity. But I drink the coffee without sugar, so I use it not very often! :)
    Happy WW and a fine Spring!

    This is the video from my post. The image has the link in the name: 'The secret language of trees'. I could not save it as a normal video.

  10. Maple syrup is one of nature's most wonderful gifts. I remember seeing trees pluged decades ago - amazing!

  11. The days of eating Maple Syrup is gone for me, so I will live vicariously through your blog post.

  12. Oooh, real maple syrup. Enjoy.


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